Vertex, Inc.’s  Quality Policy is to enhance customer satisfaction, through continuous individual performance, operation excellence and on time delivery of quality products and services.  Although we have become one of the primary suppliers of sealing systems for pipe and tunnels in the Western Hemisphere, our areas of expertise are not just in the construction industry. We also excel at finding solutions to numerous types of sealing and extrusion challenges.  Vertex, Inc. is the “Home of the Vertite Seal”, and your trusted source for any custom seals or custom rubber extrusions.


Testing Equipment & Instruments

  • Viscometers
  • Specific Gravity
  • Tensile Elongation
  • Durometer
  • Hot-Air Aging Oven
  • Compression Curing Processes
  • Data-Gathering Network
  • Laboratory Mill
  • Comparator 5x
  • Non-contact Laser Mic’s


We maintain a fully equipped in-house tool and die shop, including EDM capabilities, in order to expedite all tooling. Our quality lab verifies raw materials and finished product compliance with all applicable specifications.





Trust in our experience! At Vertex, we build relationships that last, and we do it by taking the time to learn about your business, your unique requirements, and the challenges you face.



We welcome all questions about our products and services. If you would like to learn more about Vertex, Inc. call us at 330-628-6230.